Harden Architectural Security

Harden Maximum Security Louvers provide UL 752 and DOS-certified protection against mob-level forced-entry attacks and rifle-level ballistic threats in applications where buildings require airflow for equipment and occupants. A unique chevron slat design offers extraordinary protection against firearm assaults and exceptional rain shedding capabilities.

Maximum Security Louvers

Ventilation Coupled With Combined Threat Resistance

Tested to Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended) and UL 752 Level 8, Harden Maximum Security Louvers offer the utmost in DOS certified ballistic and forced-entry resistance while providing essential ventilation for mechanical equipment used to support building operations. Certified to withstand a simulated “mob” attack for 60 minutes and 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855 and 7.62 M80 ballistic rounds, these louvers are designed to provide the ultimate in protection. Insect screening to impede pest infiltration is provided as standard.