Harden Architectural Security Products protect U.S. government facilities

Strengthening State Security

Nairobi. Dar es Salaam. New York. Benghazi. They’ve all taught us that bad actors are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. At Harden, it’s our job to create security solutions that stop them before they start.

Department of State buildings are more than just structures — they are a symbol of national sovereignty, diplomatic relations, and global reputation. They often house sensitive information and host high-level international events, making their protection crucial.

We recognize these unique needs and our experts have been providing architectural security solutions specifically tailored to the Department of State for decades. Our products deliver the highest level of security while preserving the architectural integrity and aesthetic appeal of these iconic buildings.

Your Trusted Partner in State-Level Protection

Diplomatic Security Without Sacrificing Style

Investing in Harden Architectural Security solutions means bolstering your Department of State building’s safety without compromising its aesthetics.

Whether protecting diplomats, staff, and international delegates from potential threats or safeguarding sensitive and confidential information related to national security, we meet the rigorous security regulations and standards set by government agencies, achieving top-notch protection with sophisticated design.

At Harden, we carry that same level of commitment to any industry we serve.

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Most products and installations shown in the photos were completed under the previous ownership structure of Ross Technology Company. Building photos courtesy BL Harbert International or US Department of State. Harden maintains ownership rights of all product photos taken at Ross. For details on ownership of specific photos, please contact Harden Architectural Security Products directly.